26 May 2010

New Orleans, LA to Bastrop, TX (May 19)

On our way to Bastrop state park (the most historic small town in Texas, and last home of the endangered Houston Toad!), our stop on the way to Big Bend, we finally left the interstate! I’d sort of like to make the whole trip off the interstate—you always get a much better view from the side roads—but then we’d probably never get anywhere… haha (although… the speed limit on the side roads in Texas still seems to be 70, so maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Haha). The state park was beautiful—huge pine trees that they called the Lonely Pines, and a nice little trail system. Again, we were the only ones in the primitive camping area. I’m hoping we’ll actually have a little company in the next few places we stop. Being secluded in the woods is cool, but there’s definitely some comfort in the company, and of course interesting people to meet!
After setting up camp, we actually managed to get a fire started! Jason scored a stack of New Orleans tourist maps from the hotel which burned long enough to get a fire lit for a feast of hot dogs :) (with my stolen winking lizard sauce of course… hehe). After dinner we took a walk on the trails that connected to our campsite, and we ended up very sweaty (it’s like 90 degrees down here) and covered in spider webs, but it was nice! My ankle seems to be healing (I sprained it backpacking over the weekend)—I can walk on it without much pain if I’m wearing a brace, and it no longer looks like I have a softball in place of my ankle. This campground also had a pool, but for some reason it isn’t open until Memorial Day. I can’t really figure out why they wouldn’t want the pool to be open when it’s at least 85 degrees outside every day… perhaps I’m biased I guess.
Now we’re venturing into nowhere (in case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m writing these posts in the car while Jason’s driving). The speed limit just increased to 80 on I-10, and we can’t even find a Whataburger for lunch (until now there seemed to be at least one at every exit in Texas). We’re also venturing into the dark and dangerous land of showerlessness. There was a shower at Bastrop, but I’m not sure if we’ll have one again till Las Vegas, which is almost a week away. Gross I guess… but I’m a little excited :). Having an excuse to live simply (as simply as I can with a computer and 3G anyway…) is always sort of exciting for me. It’s a good reminder that I’m not necessarily entitled to the nice comfortable lifestyle I’m used to—that someone worked hard for me to have plenty of water to drink, let alone shower, and air conditioning when I get too hot (and usually it’s not me who did the work). Plus, that shower in Vegas will feel really good! Haha.

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