26 May 2010

Big Bend National Park to the Grand Canyon (May 22-23)

I’m writing now from the heart of an Arizona dust storm. We actually had to re-route around Flagstaff because I-40 was shut down. We’re on US-87 now, a smaller highway that was probably just not a priority to shut down, but it doesn’t really seem that bad to me. It sort of just looks like brown fog, and I’ve driven through worse fog (and much worse snow storms). This alternate route is taking us through the Hopi Indian reservation which is pretty cool. We just passed a sign that said tune to 88.1 for weather info, and instead of weather info we got some tribal beats. Sweet! Haha. And if we wanted any Hopi Indian art I think we could stop at a shop about every other mile.
Anyway. Last night we stopped in Gila National Forest in New Mexico at a little (free!!) campground just outside of the bustling town of Glenwood (just kidding… there were probably like 10 people there… haha). There wasn’t really much to do, so we explored Glenwood a little (which took about 20 minutes on foot). 2 bars, one gas station/convenience store, a couple of creepy looking inns, and a pizza/video shop. Not bad I guess. The scenery was really nice. It reminded me of the mountains in Virginia or West Virginia plus cacti. Haha.
Today we started driving to the Grand Canyon. I didn’t realize when I was planning the route that we were headed right past the Petrified Forest National Park, so we decided to take a short detour to drive through the park. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s not actually a Forest—it used to be, but now it’s expansive desert with fields of fossilized wood from the time of dinosaurs. We also got sweet views of the Painted Desert, which we decided probably looks like Mars.
Now onto the Grand Canyon—hopefully we’ll be able to actually see it through the dust. Haha.

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