04 November 2014

Everyone asks if we miss Americus...

It's been really great to reconnect with everyone and everything in northeast Ohio as we're transitioning back to life here, and one of the first questions we're always asked is whether we miss Americus (the little town in southwest Georgia where we lived and worked for the past couple of years--where the Fuller Center for Housing is located).

The answer is of course YES!  We met some incredible people there who I'll never forget, and who I feel SO blessed to have gotten to know and learn from.  I totally miss the amazing examples of gratitude, faith, service, and love that we got to build relationships with.

Of course there are also plenty of things that we won't miss, and it feels totally right to be back "home" in Ohio now... but there are things I miss about every place I've been and every experience I've had in my life--I'm so grateful for what each of them have added to my life!

I also think Brett will miss the random puppies he got to meet :-).
I hope this one has a good home... we almost took him with us!

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