05 October 2011

Not so small things!

So I just started writing in this blog again, prepared to document my small adventures as a tool to help me appreciate the “every day” until it’s time for the next big adventure… but before I could even write a second post the next big adventure has already arrived! The Company (I’m stealing that pseudonym from a friend who also occasionally mentions The Company in her blog) is sending me to Luxembourg for two months!
Perhaps just the act of openly recognizing the fortune I’ve had in creating joy in my 9-to-5 (or 7-to-5…) life summoned an opportunity for adventure. That was sort of my indirect purpose for writing about my “small adventures” anyway… I figured that by making a conscious effort to create and recognize the little things that are great in my current spot in life, even within its perceived constraints (however self imposed they may have been) I would become more content and more open to bigger opportunities when they arise. So maybe it just worked faster than I expected!
Or maybe it was just luck... :)
In any case… this corner of the internet is going to abandon its short lived purpose as a small adventure blog, and become a big adventure blog once more!
Per the current plan I’ll leave at the end of next week and return at the beginning of January 2012… and I’ll update whoever wants to read about it here! I’ll definitely miss everyone until then (I’ll miss you less if you come to visit... :) ), but I’m so excited. Wish me luck!
"When you write things down, they sometimes take you places you hadn't planned." - Melanie Benjamin


  1. This is sooo EXCITING. :) Can't wait to hear ab out it.